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Micro Powder Free Gloves Manufacturer

Micro Powder Free Gloves Manufacturer

Of all the micro powder free gloves manufacturer in the market, Vijayalakshmi Health & Surgicals Pvt Ltd has made a name for itself over the years by delivering high-quality gloves that exceed all industry standards. Our company was incorporated in 2011 to provide medical gloves that are safe, durable, and versatile without costing a fortune. Each pair is crafted to perfection through a series of processes that ensure they deliver outstanding performance every time.

Here is why we are the best there is:

  • Quality and consistency serve as the foundation of all our undertakings. We comply with a series of internal quality guidelines along with a slew of international quality regulations, such as the ISO 9001:2015, CE Certification, EN ISO-13485:2016, and ISI Certification. This gives our partners the assurance they need regarding our quality and overall performance.
  • Our team is built from scratch by onboarding only those who share our vision and drive. Experience is highly regarded, and passion for the job is an absolute must. These personnel ensure that every task is undertaken with utmost care under their watchful eyes.
  • We have a dedicated R&D team that works round-the-clock to discover new avenues to explore and improve our existing ones. This allows us to remain in tune with market trends while delivering quality gloves with each batch.
  • We offer a wide range of products to suit a variety of needs depending on the medical application and the users’ specific needs. In addition to our standard offerings, our gloves can also be custom-built to meet our partner's requirements.

It’s time to expand possibilities and improve health outcomes; join forces with the most sought-after micro powder free gloves manufacturer today!

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