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Surgical Gloves Manufacturers In Guwahati

Surgical Gloves Manufacturers In Guwahati

Improve medical outcomes and contribute towards the advancement of medical science with the help of the most renowned and objective-driven surgical gloves manufacturers in Guwahati. Incorporated in 2011, Vijayalakshmi Health and Surgical Pvt. Ltd Glove has become a name to be reckoned with in the market when it comes to high-quality surgical gloves for a wide range of medical applications. Some of our products include latex surgical gloves – powder free, latex surgical gloves – pre-powdered, nitrile examination gloves, etc. Each pair of our gloves is crafted with utmost care to meet all relevant industry standards of performance, quality, and reliability.

Our goal is to empower healthcare providers so they can provide care with confidence and help improve overall health outcomes across the board. Here is why we are considered one of the top-tier surgical gloves manufacturers in Guwahati:

  • Quality Compliance: Our production process is exemplified by strict adherence to a slew of quality regulations depending on the client and region we serve. We ensure that every product undergoes rigorous checks to ensure each pair is durable and functional. Some of our quality accreditations include the ISO 9001:2015, CE Certification, EN ISO-13485:2016, and ISI Certification.
  • High Calibre Team: Our team is made up of both experienced professionals and new joiners. The goal is to build a synergy that gets amplified over time which shows in our output and work culture. Each member’s task is cut out for them and they work diligently to ensure it is completed as expected.
  • Customisation: In addition to offering a variety of surgical gloves based on the particular medical application, we also have the provision to custom-build the gloves to meet the users’ specific requirements.
  • Customer-Focus: Everything we do is with our customers in focus. We go to great lengths to ensure we deliver high-quality products while also delivering a seamless experience that forges long-lasting association.

For the most prolific surgical gloves manufacturers in Guwahati, head to Vijayalakshmi Health and Surgical Pvt. Ltd Glove right away.

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