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Surgical Gloves Manufacturers In Pune

Surgical Gloves Manufacturers In Pune

Secure the well-being of patients and drive medical advancements with the help of the most trusted surgical gloves manufacturers in Pune. Backed by many successes and innovations, Vijayalakshmi Health and Surgical Pvt. Ltd Gloves has become a household name in the healthcare industry. Our mission is to provide healthcare professionals with safe, versatile, and comfortable gloves that meet the highest industry standards. Our vision is to create an ecosystem where healthcare experts can work confidently and provide quality patient care every time.

Common uses of surgical gloves include:

  • It provides a barrier between the patient’s blood and the healthcare provider which can carry bloodborne pathogens.
  • Surgical gloves protect healthcare providers from coming in contact with infectious organisms present on the patient’s skin, tissue, or body fluids.
  • These gloves also protect the user from chemicals that may be used in surgical procedures.
  • The glove is designed to improve the dexterity and grip of the user while protecting the wearer throughout the procedure.

Why you should choose Vijayalakshmi Health and Surgical Pvt. Ltd Glove:

  • Strict quality compliance underscores all our endeavours. We are an ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO – 13485:2016, CE, and ISI-certified company. This provides our partners with the confidence they need regarding our product's quality and performance.
  • The team comprises highly skilled and driven professionals from varied backgrounds. Each member has their work assigned and works in sync with others to improve the overall outcome of the production process.
  • We ensure they are provided with a seamless experience to ensure smooth workflow starting from initial consultation, sales, and after-sales support. This also helps in forging long-lasting business associations while improving the overall health outcome.
  • Our product range is vast; this allows healthcare providers to choose from a variety of surgical gloves to suit their exact needs. Additionally, these gloves can also be custom-built to meet our clients’ exact needs.

Go ahead, join hands with the most reputed and trustworthy surgical gloves manufacturers in Pune and witness a world of change in your outcome.

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