Why Surgical Powder-Free Gloves Are More Effective Than Powdered Gloves

The main difference between the powder and powder-free gloves is that one contains cornstarch powder and the other doesn't. This cornstarch powder has diverse impacts on both people and the environment, resulting in becoming an important factor in determining the effectiveness of surgical gloves. The powder-free gloves offer much more benefits compared to surgical powdered gloves. They offer improved dexterity, comfort, and safety. For your better understanding, we have listed a few of the factors below to explain the effectiveness of surgical powder-free gloves.

Reduced risk of allergic reactions: The powdered gloves made from cornstarch can cause allergic reactions such as skin irritation, respiratory problems, and other health issues. On the other hand, surgical powder-free gloves are manufactured without cornstarch powder. As a result, there is a reduced chance of allergic reactions.

Lower risk of contamination: If powdered gloves are used during surgical procedures and medical examinations, there is a possibility of powdered particles entering the patient's body and posing health risks. However, the powder-free gloves will not cause such hindrances as the powder is leached from the gloves through various procedures. Therefore, the surgical powder-free gloves don’t contaminate the surroundings or the environment.

Environmentally friendly: The powder inside the gloves can become airborne during glove donning and doffing. As a result, they contaminate the surroundings. On the other hand, surgical powder-free gloves are manufactured by leaching the starch multiple times. Therefore, there is a lower possibility of residues remaining in the surgical site and affecting the environment.

Tactile and dexterity: The absence of powder in powder-free gloves offers much dexterity and tactile sensitivity. It doesn’t cause slipperiness while holding the surgical tools, benefiting the health care professionals to perform their tasks with much precision and accuracy.

Decreased Postoperative Complications: After the surgical or medical examinations when the gloves are discarded, there is the possibility of the powder residues remaining in the surgical site and transmitting the harmful chemicals to the atmosphere. However, with the usage of powder-free gloves, there would be a reduction in the powder-based residues as the gloves don’t contain the powder.

All these features mentioned above would certainly elevate the significance of powder-free gloves. They don’t cause any allergic reactions, lower the risk of contaminating the environment, offer much dexterity, and lower postoperative complications. As a result, they are extensively used in various sectors. However, it is pivotal to consider that the usage of powder and powder-free gloves would vary depending on their usability and requirements.

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